m THE SOLARNAUTS Humanity's bravest explorers, originating on planet Raydia.
Traveling through galaxies millions of miles away in search of the Crypto Gems.
m THE ETHEREANS An ancient and powerful empire ruled by the Masterminds.
Sending legions of bots through the MetaVerse to acquire the power of the Crypto Gems for themselves.


We are a group of graphics artists, visual storytellers, and strategy consultants with backgrounds advising leading gaming companies, looking to tell the first on-chain saga based on crypto canon. Our artwork is custom-made, high quality, and inspired by the actual history of blockchain development.

Our Starmap lays the groundwork for the broad MetaVerse, consisting of numerous civilizations and species each with their own distinct cultures, technologies, and objectives.

Expedition I – Mission Alpha, begins in the Solarian star system where you see the first, unexpected clash between the Solarnauts and Ethereans – two species previously living in different galaxies. You can then discover the aftermath of their encounter in Expedition I, Mission Bravo. Along the way, you will have the chance to immerse yourself into this spectacular space time continuum.

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The Solarnauts

The Solarnauts are the bravest explorers of the Galactic MetaVerse. Traveling through galaxies millions of miles away from their home planet of Raydia, the Solarnauts brave countless dangers in their search for the most precious and rarest items in the MetaVerse – the Crypto Gems.
The Crypto Gems – formed at the genesis block of the MetaVerse – are very keys to its logic and order. Without them, chaos and entropy reign supreme. Nothing can exist. While the exact number of Gems is unknown, it is believed that there is fewer than one Gem for every galaxy in existence.
The Solarnauts are hand-picked from a young age to serve this noble purpose. Selected as children by a mysterious group of prophets known only as “Oracles”, each new class of trainees represents the most promising men and women that humanity has to offer. Solarnaut cadets are taken from their families and moved to a secret facility in the jungles of planet Raydia, where they spend their youth undergoing grueling training in preparation for their noble mission. As their final trial, the trainees drink an ancient serum in a ritual that enhances their strength and intellect.  
For those who succeed, they now have the honor and privilege of being Solarnauts – humanity’s best – and are united by a bond that knows no bounds. 

The Ethereans

The Ethereans – a proud and extremely intelligent species of humanoids – originate from a once-thriving planet not unlike Raydia. Many blocks ago, the Ethereans took to the stars in their own journey to explore the MetaVerse and understand its secrets.
However, in their relentless pursuit of growth, and due to the inefficient nature of Etherean technology, the requirements needed to sustain their great empire became too large. Resources dwindled and Etherean society became corrupted, and dominated by a tiny number of feudal elites. These Etherean lords, known as Masterminds, were relentless in their pursuit of glory and power. Extremely cunning, intelligent, ruthless, and wealthy beyond belief, each ruled over billions of subjects.
And yet, despite all their grandeur, the Etherean lords were unable to prevent the depletion of their most precious resource – the gas needed to power their engines. Unwilling to reduce their own consumption but also unable to improve the efficiency of their technologies, the Masterminds began to turn on each other. Byzantine power struggles and feuds erupted. Entire worlds were laid to waste as collateral damage. The toxic fumes erupting from their warships could decimate entire planets, rendering them uninhabitable. Eventually, Etherean society decayed to the point of collapse. Regular Ethereans perished en masse, only to be replaced by vast armies of bots. 
Recently, several of the Masterminds have discovered the existence of the Crypto Gems. Drawn by their power, they seeks to deploy their unimaginable resources to find them, uncover their secrets, and acquire them for themselves. With the power of the Crypto Gems, the Masterminds will dominate the very fabric of the MetaVerse for the rest of existence.

The Future MetaVerse

After the completion of Expedition I – Mission Bravo, future Solarnauts collections will be in 3D. The first 3D character to be released is the Arbiter, a soldier for the Etherean Masterminds which also acts as the overseer of the Etherean Mining Bots. The Arbiter judges the quality of the Etherean gas crystals that are mined, but is also a deadly and highly intelligent foe on the battlefield.


Rarity is extremely important to the Solarnauts MetaVerse. Cards in the 2D collections that are higher on the rarity scale have greater and more unique benefits accrue to them. For example, at the time of the Mission Bravo mint, holders of the Mission Alpha collection receive more free cards depending on the rarity of each Mission Alpha card that they have in their wallets. 

The overall rarity distribution of the Mission Alpha and Mission Bravo collections follows the scale below, and can be easily seen based on the color at the bottom border of each card. Furthermore, every single one of the 5,000 cards in Mission Bravo is unique, with variations in background, weapons, etc. even for cards showing the same character. Our team has partnered with popular rarity scanners to make seeing the rarity of your card easy!


Solarnauts Expedition I

September - October 2021

Solarnauts Expedition II

November - December 2021
Solarnauts Expedition III To Be Announced Q1 2022
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